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So pleased that my latest release Semantics was nominated for a JUNO award. Congrats to all these great nominees, see you in Edmonton!

Old Ballad for Hawk

This track from SEMANTICS seems to have generated some interest!


Andrew Rathbun – saxes & FX, John Hébert – bass, Keith Hall – drums, Christopher Biggs – live electronics & processing
An unprecedented adventure!
“And while THAR (KR-5 / Dec.12- 2021) included a mostly unbridled standard jazz quartet, Nodes goes it more than one step further. With what could be considered a piano-less jazz trio, there’s the vital addition of electronics, transforming everything. It’s another quartet, to be sure, but light-years from anything Rathbun has done before. Let it be known, Nodes is more than sprinkled with that “unfettered experimentation” through all of its 14 tracks of wildly different lengths.”
John Ephland, critic and author


NEW CD Drops TODAY! So excited for this record. Some of my favorite musicians, and special guest Rich Perry, one of my favorite musicians of all time. Such a treat to get to write some music for him and this band.

Dr. Jazz Interview

Had a great time talking to Samo about the latest releases. He really knew a bunch of records from my catalogue, and it was great to talk to someone who knows his stuff! Sam is a great musician whose unbridled love for music really shines through. And his illustration of me is pretty great!

DB Critics Poll

I feel fortunate to be included again in the critics Poll!

Living With Imperfection

During the recording of Norther Noir, a french filmmaker, Antoine Polin, was making a movie about Ran and his life. Antoine included some footage of us in the studio, and captured a few conversations about the music and of us just hanging. I can’t thank him enough. I can imagine I am going to look back on these moments that he included in his film with great fondness for Ran and the time we shared that week rehearsing, watching his favorite movies, and recording.

Gilmore International Piano Festival – Robin D.G. Kelley

I have had the distinct pleasure of speaking to Robin D.G. Kelly twice about his incredible Monk biography. This book is simply the greatest jazz biography ever written. It is impeccably researched, so detailed, and very well written. Robin is a brilliant author and historian, and I really had to go to school for our interviews. Looking forward to speaking to him as part of the Gilmore Piano Fest!