Speed of Time got some great press over the last 6 months. Check it out!


Andrew Rathbun, “The speed of time”

Andrew Rathbun – The Speed of Time




After the challenging opening track The Speed of Time follows Could It Be, a ballad with a long, impressionistic piano intro by Gary Versace. And despite the composer’s stated goal of integrating several concurrent metrical ideas into his music, the album remains melodically and rhythmically accessible with well-formulated, controlled and technically beautifully delivered music. A lot of care has been put into the compositions; the themes are surprisingly original, and don’t sound like something that has just been scratched down to frame a lot of soli. Jørgen Nielsen – Jazz Special (Norway)

Upon reflection, this saxophonist brings me the same joy as when I, as an adolescent, discovered the universe of Sonny Rollins. Indeed, we are in that kind of saxophonist, quite radical, uncompromising, on compositions of a very high level. Thierry de Clemensat – Paris Move

Rathbun is a unique voice on saxophone with a style and sound of his own. He has assembled a crack band that complements his stylings perfectly and offers much to the astute listener. Ed Sapiega – Jazz Views

My desire to “understand” the music vanished in the face of this seriously entertaining and eminently listenable release… This is a highly entertaining release and has sent this listener to the composer’s website to begin to hear some of his other work which apparently includes forays into classical realms as well. This release now puts Rathbun on my listener’s radar which will alert me to pay attention to the next project from a truly fine musician/composer. Allan J. Cronin – New Music Buff

What stands out for this listener is that, since his earliest recordings, Andrew Rathbun has been an excellent composer. He certainly can improvise as impressively as his contemporaries but telling a story with his music is just as important… this album is yet another fine example of his musicality and creativity. Richard Kamins – Step Tempest

The titular subject of his latest album helming a quartet, The Secret of Time, is arguably the most universal of inspirations. The topic allows for a set of eight compositions approached with equal parts sobriety, wariness and breezy wonder. Drummer Tom Ranney, bassist John Hebert, and Gary Versace on piano are sometimes free-flowing in their cascades of interaction; elsewhere, the foursome’s combined, pointillistic force registers like Mike Oldfield conjuring a raga in a Western scale. Elsewhere, the combo bops more traditionally, yet always with serious intent. Jamie Lee Rake – Shepherd Express

The songs are lyrical and melodic while navigating intriguing harmonic changes and metric shifts. The title track opens the record and immediately grabs the listener’s attention, simultaneously existing in two metric planes. Two players are in a four beat time while the other two are in a cycle of eleven beats. This unstable duality is utterly compelling from start to finish. David Reed – Belleville Intelligencer

The Speed of Time is an extraordinary album worthy of the highest recommendation…Midwest Book Review