A really nice writer and musician named Alania Ferris wrote a nice profile of me at FRONTIER PSYCHIATRIST.


What is your musical history and how did you end up where you are today?

I was really lucky in that, when I was young, I went to a school that had a musically rich program – I attended an hour of private lessons each week at the school. That influenced my musical development a lot – started this musical quest. My teachers would mention all these musicians, so I’d set out to the library, borrow as many cassettes as I could carry, listen to them, copy them, learn them, and then go back next week…this became my modus operandi. You know, when you’re young, your cauldron is empty, and I wanted to fill it as fast as possible. I started playing clarinet in fourth  grade and then picked  up the saxophone in ninth grade. Later, I attended New England Conservatory of Music and am now getting ready to finish my D.M.A. at Manhattan School of Music.

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