Numbers & Letters



Numbers & Letters is another forward sounding set – his best so far, perhaps – by the prolific saxophonist/composer Andrew Rathbun and an inspired, first rate ensemble. ★★★★ – Dan Mcclenaghan, All About Jazz

Rathbun remains resolutely in control (and coherent) at even the fastest tempos, and his balladry resonates with hard-won peace as well as pathos. – David Whiteis, JazzTimes

Rathbun is an adroit stylist on tenor and soprano, composing memorably playful lines (the compositions were inspired by his two young children) and developing them with fleet, sometimes abstracted, sometimes effervescent lines. – Stuart Broomer, The Whole Note

★★★½ – Downbeat

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Andrew Rathbun – reeds, voice
Phil Markowitz – piano
Jay Anderson – bass
Bill Stewart – drums
Taylor Haskins – trumpet

All compositions by Andrew Rathbun

Recorded May 30, 2012

Recording & mix: Michael Marciano
Session produced by Taylor Haskins & Andrew Rathbun
Mastering: Nils Winther
Photos: Trixie B. Wadson

Produced by Nils Winther

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