ARLE @ Guimaraes Festival

Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble closes the 2019 festival with a performance of Atwood Suites, 9pm, November 16th

Character Study Tour

March 27th BPI Series, Dalton Center, Western Michigan University. Concert 7:30pm, pre-concert talk 7pm

March 28th Union Cabaret 7pm

March 28th Jazz Estate, Milwaukee 8pm

March 29th Fulton St. Collective, Chicago 9pm

Hope you can join us

Character Study – Jazz Port Review

Lovely review in Jazz Port (Czech):

I haven’t heard such a gorgeous beginning of an album in a long time! 
Dense rhythms, exciting solos, surprising slow-downs, gradations, counterpoints & melodic flexibility.
The development of themes is rational and logical, with saxophone rhapsodic & singing

Jazzové charaktery okolo Andrewa Rathbuna